XMPP Messaging for Android Devices

  • Communicate with GoogleTalk™, AOL™, ICQ™, MSN™, Yahoo!™, GaduGadu™, QQ™ and Jabber™ users!
  • XMPP 1.0 Compliant
  • Easy setup and use
  • Wireless capable
  • Encrypted communications (SSL) support
  • Support for Android devices
  • Location Based Services support

What is imov Messenger?

    imov Messenger is an Android client for the Jabber (XMPP) instant messaging system. The Jabber platform is expected to be the dominant instant messaging system in the near future.

imov Messenger is based on open standards and is fully interoperable with proprietary instant messaging systems as well as the open Jabber server platform.

What does imov Messenger offer me?

    imov Messenger gives you the ability to instantly communicate with family and friends using the Internet. The Jabber platform's extensibility allows imov Messenger to be compatible with multiple messaging systems. imov Messenger also provides significant enhancements over proprietary systems, including the ability to send messages to offline users (the user will receive the messages the next time they connect) and compose and send messages even when you are offline (messages will be automatically sent when a network connection becomes available)!

Which Messaging Systems is imov Messenger compatible with?

    With imov Messenger you can communicate with anyone who uses any of these systems:

  •     AOL Instant Messenger™
  •     MSN Instant Messenger™
  •     Yahoo! Messenger™
  •     ICQ™
  •     Jabber™
  •     Google Talk™
  •     GaduGadu™
  •     QQ™

Which devices does imov Messenger run on?

    imov Messenger is compatible with Android mobile devices.

Where can I get imov Messenger?

    imov Messenger for Android is available from the Android Market which is accessible from your Android mobile device.

What does imov Messenger look like?

     Here are some screenshots of the current version of imov Messenger for Android:



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